Build a Better Strategy with POG Merchandising Software

Build a Better Strategy with POG Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Our comprehensive and personalized POG merchandising software solutions can address a variety of client needs. With Scorpion Planogram, you can find increased efficiency and planogram compliance while identifying new ways to leverage your floor space and individual merchandising displays. Make your retail space more productive and your POG merchandising strategies more profitable. Build your brand into a bigger and healthier retail business.

Our IT features ensure that you won’t have to struggle to integrate our POG merchandising software with the rest of your company’s software infrastructure. Your company’s data will remain secure, but your team members will still be able to instantly communicate key planogram information without unnecessary delays.

POG Merchandising Software Features

With today’s data metrics and high-information marketplace, many retailers and suppliers can’t be satisfied with isolated merchandising features. Our planogram software features stand ready to streamline and enhance every point of your POG merchandising strategy. Readily implement a comprehensive solution with the Scorpion One platform. Take a look at the following software features, and you’ll recognise the potential benefits for your own company:

  • Planogram Design: Determine how to optimise your store for tomorrow, for next month, and for next year. See the difference in planogram displays when adjusting for shelf height or section length. Make product assortment and range planning easy. These features can be a powerful tool on their own or when paired with our space planning consultancy services. Get help with store plan creation, range reviews and product photography.
  • 3D Planogram: For those who are looking to build a brand and convert sales through an eye-catching storefront, alluring window displays, and the perfect decompression zone, then 3D planogram software may be the product that’s the real difference-maker. Two-dimensional mockup displays can only convey so much about appearance. With 3D planogram technology, it’s possible for merchandisers to see exactly what the customers will see.
  • Category Insights: Get a deeper understanding of your retail and shelf space. A range of analytics and data reports will ensure you can respond to changes in consumer behavior quickly and effectively. Category insights offer those elusive product metrics that allow you to better predict and prepare for the future.
  • Planogram Automation: For those who are looking for increased efficiency and reduced error rates, planogram automation may be the most important system feature. Once you indicate the point of sales, shelf type, and decorative elements, our program can create, verify, and transmit planogram displays in just minutes.

Planogram Merchandising Strategies

POG merchandising software is an incredible tool for developing and implementing your merchandising strategy. It can help you make insights into your store and customers that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It will reduce the gap between the initial concept or theory of the case and the actual result on the sales floor. It can give you more accurate metrics to measure your merchandising strategies and to adjust them accordingly. Make sure you’re getting maximum value from your retail space without losing sight of your customers’ core behaviors. Make sure Scorpion software is your next investment in POG merchandising.