Consumer Trends and Values Influencing Planogram Design Merchandising

Consumer Trends and Values Influencing Planogram Design Merchandising 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Planogram design is most often discussed in terms of increasing the odds a customer will buy the product and maximizing the sales for on-the-spot customers. However, there’s also a broader kind of planogram merchandising that is more directly connected to customer marketing strategies. Today’s major retailers are closer to their customers with more data insights than ever before. Effective planogram design merchandising speaks not just to immediate consumer behaviors but also initiatives aimed at creating a great customer experience and a deeper connection between customer and brand.

While the mechanics of planogram design and implementation may be essentially the same, planogram design merchandising and store planning results may be quite different when aligned with these larger marketing goals. In surveying the larger industry for planogram merchandising, we found a few instructive examples we wanted to share with you.

Planograms that Reinforce Brand and Customer Values

Encouraging customers to find and buy products based on values rather than impulse was almost unheard of for the longest time. A willingness to place vegetarian alternatives next to meat products not because they’re proven sellers but because they align with customers’ desire to choose more sustainable products is a great example that things are changing. Check out what Sainsbury’s in the UK is doing to encourage their supermarket customers to eat less meat. A generation ago, these types of merchandising and marketing campaigns would have been a tough-to-impossible sell to retail executives.

How to Optimize Space for Online Order Pickups

How does a store balance convenient access to online order pickup areas with reserving space close to the door for prime sellers? Does the store create a separate entrance for pickup orders? How does the store balance convenient pickup service with encouraging customers to pass at least some additional merchandise on the way to pick up their purchase? What’s clear is that grocery stores and restaurants are increasingly planning their stores and designing their planograms around online pickup orders.

Convenience on Display

Online shopping and pickup service is only one way that grocery stores are putting convenience on display. Meal kits aren’t just about front-door delivery from meal subscription services. They’re also showing up on supermarket shelves as their own unique combination of convenience and impulse-buy. Last year, 187 new meal kit items were introduced by retail stores. The companies leading the way—Walmart, Whole Foods and Kroger—are increasingly known for their focus on customer experience and convenience marketing. For planogram merchandisers, the goal is to display the right combination of meal kit items in the right areas of the store to maximize sales.

Online Advertising to Increase In-Store Sales

More and more, retail brands are using online advertising to drive customers into their store.  The chocolatier, Godiva, is just one recent example of this phenomenon. Planogrammers must be aware of these online advertising campaigns. Prominent merchandising displays can make it easy for customers to find their planned purchase. At the same time, putting these featured displays a considerable distance from the front door can increase how long the customer stays in your store.

Get Planogram Design Merchandising Software for Your Projects

Micro space planning with planogram design can be a make-or-break resource for supporting larger merchandising and marketing goals. With our planogram automation features, you’ll be able to run an efficient system that speaks to your core sales and merchandising goals. Our category management software ensures long-term sales optimization and range planning. Meanwhile, our 3D viewer and planogram design applications are just what you need to build better-looking, better-performing merchandising displays that speak to your vision of customer experience.

Along with these examples from recent news features, check out our Gallery for more types of planograms and merchandising displays you can build with Scorpion Planogram software.