Better Planogram Compliance Through Smarter Allocation of Resources

Better Planogram Compliance Through Smarter Allocation of Resources 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

From the initial product orders to the final sale, there is a whole range of factors that go into planogram compliance. The most consistent culprits for disorganized shelves and errors in product facings are shoppers’ browsing and lack of inventory, but successful retailers must stay diligent with every part of their inventory and merchandising operations. Too often, huge investments fail to make a difference due to a single point of failure. The best planogram solutions are only as good as the retailer’s ability to comply with it.

The Whole Planogram System Impacts Compliance

More effective strategies for planogram compliance don’t focus on just one area but an overhaul of the entire supplier-to-shelf pipeline. By finding new efficiencies in other areas of the planogram merchandising system, more resources can be added to critical aspects of compliance. Among the most important efficiency features of modern planogram systems is automation. Planogrammers know that as important as their job can be, much of it can be boiled down to a series of repetitive tasks based on crunching a few numbers and solving a basic visual puzzle. These tasks quickly become tedious without the right software tools. Scorpion planogram automation removes the repetitive parts of the design process, allowing planogram managers to direct more of their focus to deeper level merchandising strategies and sales analysis.

Better yet, automation doesn’t equal homogenization. At least not with Scorpion software. By determining your point-of-sales, shelf types, and fixtures, our automated planogram designs are optimized for your individual stores and brand. Our space planning consultancy services include expert help in customizing the planogram automation process for your stores and retail space. See our planogram automation page for more information as well as a visual example of how our automation software works.

With a more efficient planogram solution in place, retailers can devote more of their resources to direct planogram maintenance. There is a temptation to think of compliance as just about products on a shelf. True planogram compliance includes things like clean floors, wall hangings, and decorative fixtures that all work together to create a superior in-store customer experience.

Planogram Compliance Technology and Software

Next-generation technology includes image recognition, mobile robots, and portable cameras. Some parts of in-store planogram compliance may be done with robots, while others involve sales associates and visual merchandising experts carrying portable devices that detect and record nearly every relevant aspect of merchandising displays including basic planogram compliance. Alert notifications indicate potential planogram errors. Combined with real-time sales data and merchandising insights, retailers can identify, create, and implement planogram strategies more quickly and accurately than ever.

No matter how they go about it, retailers need a high rate of planogram compliance to implement planogram designs and reliably measure their effectiveness. Compliance starts with planogram software that can offer design, automation, and category management. Scorpion software offers this and more. Discover planogram software that offers visual data reporting, keeps suppliers and retailers on the same page, and everything running smoothly.