Retail Space Optimization Begins with Powerful Software Tools

Retail Space Optimization Begins with Powerful Software Tools 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Space optimization isn’t easy, and even experienced merchandisers can struggle to get it just right. While there are a handful of basic rules that most retailers and suppliers can follow from the start, that only gets you so far. It’s only with time, experience, and experimentation that optimization can truly occur for individual store locations and floor plans. Without the right software to support your optimization efforts, these struggles occur blindly. And the decisions are mostly guesswork.

Space optimization isn’t just static merchandising displays and basic planogram compliance. It must also include planogram and merchandising display strategies that play themselves out as customers make their way from decompression zone to power wall and throughout the rest of your retail space. It’s about range and assortment planning to respond to seasonal changes and broader shifts in customer behavior. It’s about going from idea to execution with confidence in the results. It’s about measuring the performance of your space planning concepts and then incorporating those insights into the next incarnation of your visual merchandising strategy.

To do this, you need visual software resources that can respond to these dynamic conditions. You need software from Scorpion Planogram. Here is what David Strike, Space Planning Manager at Card Factory, has been telling people, “I would definitely recommend Scorpion Planogram Software to businesses in need of a planogramming solution, it’s cost effective, good value for money, future proof and future looking. It is graphic and more visual than the other applications.”

Micro Space Planning

In many ways, you can think of Scorpion Planogram software as a comprehensive tool for micro space planning. Here are some of the most important features for this type of space optimization.

  • Planogram compliance and maintenance is too often overlooked, despite the essential role these tasks play in a successful planogram system. For many retailers, there’s no need to redesign the wheel every time there’s a relatively simple change to the product assortment. Our software is designed to make planogram updates more accurate and time efficient than ever.
  • Category insights include hotspot analysis of best sellers and dust collectors. Gain a deeper understanding of your shelf space that can lead to increased sales and better inventory management. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Quick and easy planogramming optimizes the micro space planning process for buyers, category managers, merchandisers, and planogrammers alike.
  • A distinctive retail space can be a true resource for your business even when its dimensions and layouts require a novel approach. Tell us about your store and brand and what you’re trying to do. Our space planning developers love a challenge and are ready to add personalized enhancements to your planogram software system.

Floor Planning Space Optimization

Individual planograms and merchandising displays exist within the larger environment of the entire store. Our Floor Planner software helps you get the best out of both your micro and macro space floor planning. Here are some of the features that stand to increase your sales and profit.

  • Track and allocate the correct amount of space to each of the categories.
  • Ensure a logical shopping flow for your customers which reinforces the decompression zone, individual sales, and shopper loyalty.
  • Create localized floor plans and assortments that ensure your stores are offering a personalized experience and which speaks to that local community of shoppers.
  • Use smart analytics that reveal missed opportunities.

Start Optimizing Your Space with Scorpion Software

Don’t rest on your laurels. Discover the benefits of our retail space planning software. What looks like a small gain on paper by tweaking your planogram can turn into a major boon to your store, brand, and bottom line. Don’t be satisfied with a single floor plan. Use our powerful planogram design tool to direct your space optimization strategy and to get a deeper understanding of how your retail space works. View our Gallery to see the types of planograms you can produce.