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Beer and wine planograms are similar to other planogram designs in that they help retail and supply managers optimize sales through strategic product facings and merchandising displays. There are a few nuances that comes with merchandising beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Different locations have different rules for how alcoholic products can be marketed and sold. For liquor stores, beer and wine are a large chunk of the store’s overall sales. For grocers, it may be only one small part of their food and beverage sales. For convenience stores, it may depend on the location and traffic patterns.

Scorpion Planogram software delivers everything retailers need to build efficient, powerful solutions for pretty much any retailer or supplier. It also has the flexibility and data analytics necessary to accommodate the subtle differences of beer and wine planograms. Learn about our individual software features and how you can integrate all this functionality in a single platform with Scorpion One.

Wine Planogram Design Software

Wine planograms are a critical component of product merchandising for stores that sell wine. With a wide assortment of bottle shapes, sizes and label designs, visual merchandising is a big part of creating aesthetically pleasing and effective planograms. Merchandising wine is more sophisticated than ever before with the constantly evolving behavior of today’s consumer. More than just boxed and bottled, wine is sold in cans of varying shapes and sizes. More than wineries, retailers must be prepared to diversify their traditional wine rack displays with new kinds of product facings and new organizational schemes. To design, implement, and measure wine planograms with a mixture of traditional and new marketing strategies, you need software that’s equal to the task.

Scorpion Planogram software has the functionality to design your store from scratch, analyze your current wine sales, and optimize your shelf space moving forward. With our reliable data reporting, it’s easy to keep suppliers and store associates on the same page. Scroll through our Gallery to see a wine planogram example and other planogram designs.

Beer Planogram Design Software

The days in which the popular beer categories were just regular and light are long gone. Today, in addition to domestic beers, there is a large variety of popular lagers, ales, and stouts as well as an increasing range of niche products. Beer planograms and product assortment must accommodate a wider range of prices. Beyond just ABV, more consumers than ever are interested in beer qualities like IBU (bitterness) and SRM (color). The vertical rise of the optimal beer shelf is also changing with the increasing popularity of beer cans over beer bottles for the environmentally conscious consumer.

In many ways, beer planograms have become every bit as complicated if not more so than wine. At least wine planograms and optimization trends have a robust sales history. Craft brewery consumer trends are quite new by comparison. In many liquor stores, featured displays near the point of sale are dominated by wine and liquor bottles with a higher price tag than beer, but there is a growing number of exceptions to this rule, too. Category Insights from Scorpion is just the kind of data-driven sales analysis you need for effective management of your beer shelf space.

Planogram Compliance, State Laws, and Sales Optimization

Some states have strict laws about the ways in which beer and wine can be promoted through merchandising. Some states allow restaurants to sell beer and wine to go. Some states prohibit beer and wine sales on Sunday with retailers forced to lock up their display cases. Some states control the available supply of beer, wine, and liquor to one extent or another.

More than pure sales optimization, beer and wine planograms must comply with applicable regulations and supply limitations. Even so, defining a core range is a critical step in optimizing beer and wine sales, just as with other types of retail merchandising. Beer and wine store managers need to know what price points, high and low, must always be stocked in which product categories to optimize sales.

Get planogram software that can handle this level of complexity with Scorpion Planogram. While responding to the needs of beer and wine merchandising, our software also provides automated planogram designs. Automation is essential to enable liquor store and merchandising managers to implement these designs on modest budgets.

Beer and Wine Planograms with Space Planning

Part of the complexity of beer and wine planograms is that they must be optimized not just for individual product sales but for the entire store. Space optimization starts with store planning. Our consultancy services include assistance with this planning as well as setting up a custom planogram system for your beer and wine store(s) that allows for automation. Whether for a liquor store, grocery store, or convenience store, you can implement an effective planogram solution for your beer and wine. All you need is the right software and a little planning.