The Benefits of Planograms in Merchandising During Covid-19

The Benefits of Planograms in Merchandising During Covid-19 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced retailers across the country to rethink their spaces and services. In the past, we’ve talked about using store layout and directional arrows to facilitate customer movement. We’ve also written about how to innovate through a crisis using a planograms merchandising software, as well how apparel merchandisers can appeal to shoppers in a time when most customers want to spend time in stores. Now, though the pandemic is far from over, we think it’s time to take a small (but warranted) victory lap.

Businesses across markets have used planograms and merchandising software to completely redesign and repurpose retail spaces. We’ll walk through some of the most important innovations we’ve noticed in the past few months. Know that all of the strategies observed below are possible with Scorpion Planogram. If you’re looking to introduce planograms merchandising to your retail space, we have the most user-friendly, intuitive option out there.

Covid-19 Planograms Merchandising Strategies

There are countless ways that planogram software can improve the retail experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. The below insights were gleaned from recently released Nielsen data.

  • Retail customers are not “window shopping” as much as before the pandemic. This indicates that many are going to brick-and-mortar stores with specific purchases in mind, whether that means a large, well-planned grocery trip or an expedition to find a good reusable mask. Planograms merchandising strategies are helping retailers design spaces around the most-requested products – hand sanitizer, masks, cleaning supplies, instant yeast, and canned goods.
  • Foodservice providers are seeing record sales. Customers are spending more money on single trips, indicating that many are still in the “stocking up” mindset and limiting the number of trips they have to make. This provides even more of a reason to revisit planograms merchandising. Redesigning a foodservice retail space – even if it means allowing for social distancing at checkout – shows customers that the retailer cares for their safety and well-being.
  • With larger per-visit spends across retail categories, customers are spending more time at the checkout counter. This has created long lines, which can pose a hazard for virus transmission. Retailers can use planogram software to redesign the spaces around the checkout counter to allow for appropriate social distancing while also placing some important impulse goods, like pocket hand sanitizers, in the customer’s view.

Retail merchandising and design is more important now than ever before. The novel coronavirus has dealt a blow to retailers across the world, but the innovations gleaned now will provide for safer, more pleasant shopping experiences later on.

Easy-to-Use Planograms Merchandising Software

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected brick-and-mortar retailers, but some are rising to meet the challenge. If you’re noticing changing customer behaviors, or if you’re simply looking to streamline your retail experience, consider Scorpion Planogram. Using planograms in merchandising is a simple but effective way to improve both sales and customer experience. There has never been a better time to try it out, no matter the type of retail operation you have.