The Benefits of a Warehouse Planogram for E-Commerce Retailers

The Benefits of a Warehouse Planogram for E-Commerce Retailers 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

When thinking about inventory management, a warehouse planogram software isn’t always the first tool that comes to mind. Most know about planogram tools in the context of brick-and-mortar retail management – figuring out how to place products, how to organize a store, and how to maximize on-premises sales. But planogram tools have applications in every retail setting – including e-commerce.

Planogram software tools are for more than brick-and-mortar stores. We know that most planogram applications involve shelf planning and visual merchandising, but these invaluable tools have so much more to offer. A planogram, like that provided by Scorpion Planogram, can help streamline digital-only retail operations.

Fulfilling Orders with an Efficient Planogram

If you’re operating an online-only retail business, odds are that you store most of your merchandise in a single space. For some small businesses, this could look like a visually optimized self-storage area. For larger businesses, this could look like a warehouse or order fulfillment center. No matter the size of your business, a warehouse planogram can assist with inventory organization and category management.

Most online retailers – from Amazon and Walmart to IKEA and individual Etsy businesses – use a software tool to organize inventory and speed order fulfillment. In utilizing an effective planogram tool, these retailers can strategically and efficiently organize products. Plus, a dynamic software allows these businesses to test different planogram options. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Amazon warehouse organization in March 2020, when hand sanitizer, masks, and household cleaning products were in constant demand, looks unrecognizable from the November 2020 organization, when Black Friday tech and beauty deals are most popular.

Using a Warehouse Planogram Software to Optimize COVID-19 Inventory

With more folks turning to online shopping and e-commerce opportunities, warehouse inventory turnover is speeding up. Warehousing has become more efficient over the years, primarily as a result of the shift to e-commerce, but the novel coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated the trend. If you manage or run an online store, inventory turnover is likely the highest it’s ever been. The best way to keep tabs on what you have, what you need, and where it’s stored is to invest in a planogram software.

Warehouse and inventory software are all about managing stock, supplier orders, and inventory organization. With the right software, users can also leverage sales metrics to both fulfill and predict what their customers want to buy. In fact, an effective planogram tool can reduce the amount of warehouse space your business needs to operate. In better understanding the products your customers want, your business can slim down inventory, carrying only the products that are in high demand.

Keep Your Business Agile with Scorpion Planogram

Whether you’re in need of brick-and-mortar visual merchandising or a warehouse planogram for your e-commerce website, we have you covered. Scorpion One allows users to design shelves, create store plans, view 3D fixtures, and organize inventory – all in one space. If you’re looking for a solution to expedite order fulfillment and inventory efficiency, our warehouse planogram is just the tool you need.