Use a Planogram Generator for Low-Risk Store Reorganization

Use a Planogram Generator for Low-Risk Store Reorganization 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

A planogram generator can significantly alleviate worker risk and physical burden. We know that running a brick-and-mortar retail business is difficult. It’s even more difficult to do this in the middle of a pandemic. Between catering to new and always-changing customer needs and keeping employees safe, retailers have a lot to juggle heading into 2021. What’s more, changing seasons – transitioning both into and out of the holiday rush – means planogram updates are coming. For many, this entails a few late nights at the store, moving merchandise into new areas and reorganizing storefronts.

That said, store reorganizing doesn’t need to take several days to experiment with and implement. A planogram generator can do the work for you, all without moving a single product. Plus, a planogram software allows retailers to try and test various options on a computer. With fewer employees needed to try different planogram organizations, you decrease the exposure risk to each person involved. We’ll explain how.

Retail Merchandising in the Age of Social Distancing

Running a brick-and-mortar business while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines is tough. Between 6-foot spaces on the ground and finding enough personal protective equipment for everybody, most retailers don’t need another COVID-19 safety hazard to manage. Unfortunately, this is exactly what a storefront reset might entail.

Several employees are necessary to try out different planogram organizations. If you’re transitioning into a different seasons, you may need to keep a handful of employees in the store to help move merchandise and test product placement. In the age of the novel coronavirus, this can be an unnecessary risk; the more people who are in an enclosed space, and the more time they spend in that enclosed space, the greater the risk of becoming ill becomes. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Keep your employees safe by running a planogram generator software before moving your merchandise. These tools, like Scorpion Planogram, allow users to leverage sales data to design and test various product placement options and storefront designs. These tools generate 3D mock-ups for each design. Experiment with dozens of organizational options without asking employees to work overtime. Once you settle on a planogram, re-organizing the store is faster and more efficient. In 2020, this translates to greater employee safety.

Create and Organize Options with a Planogram Generator

Planograms can do more than decrease the amount of time employees need to spend in the store. These tools are invaluable to retailers, especially in such uncertain times. From generating realistic 2D and 3D layouts to exploring brands from a customer perspective, planogram software can increase both revenue and per-visit spend. Decrease labor-intensive tasks, like merchandising mock-ups and rebuilding fixture layouts. Instead, opt for a planogram software like Scorpion.

Scorpion Planogram is the only micro space planning software that offers both 2D and 3D visuals to users. Within the software, users can “walk” around their fixtures to explore them from every angle. With less physical labor, fewer time-consuming processes, and better-informed strategies, Scorpion planogram can transform your brick-and-mortar business – even in the midst of a pandemic.