The Benefits of a Planogram Program Post-COVID

The Benefits of a Planogram Program Post-COVID 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

When it comes to successful businesses and retailers, using a planogram is key in facilitating ideal customer movement. This tool, which can help a business reimagine a store’s layout to better serve their customers, became instrumental in retail pivots during the coronavirus pandemic. It became even more crucial during the past year; the pandemic caused more customers to reevaluate their buying habits, and stores needed to quickly adapt.

Gone were the days where a customer might ask, “What do I want?” Now, they ask, “What do I need and how can I get it quickly so I can leave the store with minimal exposure?” As vaccines continue to roll out and we inch toward a post-COVID world, a planogram program is needed for businesses and retailers. Now is the time to re-envision store layouts and minimize the anxiety of customers and staff prior to re-opening.


What Planograms Can Offer Retailers

If your business is already in the process of gradually reverting to pre-COVID times, a planogram is a great tool to use in your planning. It is not an overnight change, though. The great part about planograms is that they provide brick-and-mortar businesses with gradual performance insights. So, do not feel like you need to rush into anything.

As you begin to look ahead to a post-COVID retail world, a planogram program will provide numerous insights and reports. Among these are gap analysis, assortment lists, and hotspot analysis. The latter analysis lets a business owner better visualize the best-selling products, while identifying which products are “dust collectors.”

Knowing which products fly off the shelves and which are non-starters, so-to-speak, will also influence the planogram’s placement of these items in the store. More so, given the way the coronavirus pandemic changed our shopping habits – cleaning wipes sales skyrocketed over 100% in the first three months of 2020 – it is only appropriate to analyze whether the buying habits will shift. In some cases, they may not change post-COVID. But that reality in itself is worth knowing and can be confirmed by a cross planogram analysis. Doing so will compare product performances among stores, allowing retailers to know what their customers need.


Comprehensive Planogram Program Software

There are any number of advantages when it comes to utilizing visual merchandising. Improved sales by heightened understanding of product distribution is a significant asset. Ensuring that you are maximizing your retail space to guarantee that every inch of the store has selling potential is also highly beneficial.

So, in order to achieve that, you need a reliable planogram software. The biggest advantage of Scorpion One is that the software is unique in offering one program for all space planning activities. Whether you are designing a planogram or viewing your 3D store plans, all these features are included in the same program.

Scorpion One’s interface includes three tools within one application – these tools include the planogram tool, the store planning tool, and the range optimization tool. Rather than worrying about learning multiple applications, the planogram program makes the entire process more intuitive and less time-consuming.