Why is a Fridge Planogram Useful?

Why is a Fridge Planogram Useful? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

If you are an up-and-coming retail or brick-and-mortar business, chances are high that you have heard of a planogram. The main purpose of a planogram is to design your store in a way that facilitates customer movement. The other primary benefit of using a planogram is that it helps you visualize your store and maximize each inch of space so that no area is wasted. By making the most of your space, sales will only improve, and customer satisfaction will grow.

Planograms have been highly beneficial for brick-and-mortar retailers during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Not only have they helped to re-envision store layouts, but they also helped businesses identify new buying trends and customer habits. A great space for new customer purchasing? A fridge planogram.


What is a Fridge Planogram?

A planogram for refrigerators serves a similar purpose for many businesses as a regular floor planogram. This software tool offers a business the details on the placement of each product within a given retail store. Meanwhile, a refrigerator planogram breaks down the placement of each of the products within a refrigerated portion of the store.

There are inherent, and perhaps obvious, benefits to using a planogram for the refrigerators in your store. The main advantage of keeping an intuitive fridge design is that it decreases the time a customer spends looking for an item. The amount of time a customer needs to keep the refrigerator door open while making a selection is best kept low. That is the case for a few reasons.

The first reason is a fridge planogram ensures that a customer gets the product they need in an efficient amount of time. Then, they can keep moving to the next part of the store and select any other products needed. The second reason is that using a planogram generator for a fridge in your store lets business owners make quick organizational choices.

Ideally, your customer should be able to make a purchase choice without needing to open any refrigerator in the process. Ultimately, any and all business owners will save money on electric bills through the use of a refrigerator planogram generator.


The Best Planogram Software

When making the selection for a fridge planogram, Scorpion Planogram allows you to enter a 3D environment. By doing so, business owners can see what their customers see in the store. More so, it allows you to view fixtures from all angles and heights and determine what works and what needs improvement to guarantee the best customer experience.

The most useful part of using Scorpion One for any of your planogram needs is that its interface includes three tools in one application. All in the same application, business owners can use a planogram tool, a store planning tool, and a range optimization tool. Additionally, when you use the 2D or 3D features, you can print your designs to common formats such as PDF, Excel and PNG. Ultimately, when you have a fridge planogram, there is no need to worry about surprises when your business is merchandising the store’s products on the shelves.