Who Resets Planograms? Explaining the Role of a Reset Manager

Who Resets Planograms? Explaining the Role of a Reset Manager 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

If your store needs a new layout to maximize product sales, consider a service or staff member who resets planograms. This role exists as a reset manager or a reset merchandiser. In a retail setting, this person provides the important service of installing a new layout when the store wants to have a different arrangement.

This post explains how a reset merchandiser functions in a retail setting. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a faster and more affordable way to reorganize your store, a planogram software is the best choice. This tool can do the work of a person who implements planograms at a fraction of the cost.


How a Reset Merchandiser Resets Planograms 

The job of a reset manager starts when a store approves a new planogram design. Making planograms involves careful market research and strategic product placement. Once the design team finalizes the planogram, the reset manager takes over. Often, the merchandiser resets planograms overnight since the project can require completely restructuring a section of the store.

Reset managers are responsible for installing new shelving, rearranging products, and making any other changes to accomplish the new planogram. In addition to these tasks, reset managers also place promotional and sale signs within aisles. This job requires the ability to lift all the merchandise as well as interpret planograms to stock the shelves correctly.


Should You Hire a Reset Manager? 

You should carefully consider your retail space needs before deciding to hire a reset manager. Adding a person to your payroll to fulfill this role could make sense if you already have a well-established planogram software in place. A reset merchandiser can be useful for implementing planograms if your business is acclimated to using planograms.

However, a reset manager can only be as useful if the planogram software generating the plans is a good one. Hiring any type of retail specialist comes at a cost for retailers. Before you invest in a reset manager, you should invest in a planogram software.


Why Planogram Software Is an Alternative to a Reset Manager

Reset managers can be helpful to retailers, but they are not nearly as essential as a quality planogram software, like Scorpion Planogram. There is no doubt that planograms will continue to be a critical tool for retailers, especially in the post-pandemic recovery phase. A solid store planogram is a backbone for successful retail spaces. Someone who resets planograms is certainly important to implementing planograms, but the planogram software is the bigger priority.

Scorpion retail planogram software offers a complete resource for retailers, no matter your needs. The software is easy to navigate with all the features you need in one program. Investing in our software is cost efficient, and you’ll never have to sacrifice function for cost. Hiring a reset manager could be in your store’s future, but not without a planogram software foundation. Contact us to set up a live demo to see our products in action or reach out with any questions you may have.