Don’t Cut Corners with a Free Planogram App

Don’t Cut Corners with a Free Planogram App 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Before you’re tempted to download a free planogram app, we want to save you some time. You should never trust a free planogram software. Retailers are increasingly utilizing planogram software to help optimize their retail space to improve profits. Apps that offer free planogram software are often taking advantage of the resource’s popularity without providing a good service to retailers.

Free products might seem like the best option, but the money you invest in a quality planogram software pays for itself in the long run. Free online systems have drawbacks that outweigh any benefits. Not only are there logistical safety concerns with free downloads, but also underwhelming app performance. We’ll cover some of those drawbacks and explain all the features that make the investment worth it.


Where Free Planogram Apps Fall Short

With store planogram software, you get what you pay for. So, when you do not pay for free apps, you should not expect all the features a functional software needs. Free apps fall short in many ways, and we’ve highlighted the most important below.

  • Only Free at First – Many “free” planogram software apps are only free for a trial period. This means that after the trial expires, you will either pay to continue using the app or move on to a new one. The quality of the app beyond the paywall is likely not worth the price. A good planogram software should provide what you need from the start. There should be no locked features.
  • Basic and Limited Functions – Even a retailer new to store planning benefits from a full toolbox of planogram resources. Free planogram apps limit users to less than 40 retail products. This restriction negatively impacts your ability to visualize your store layout with your full product offerings. A free download only gives users access to basic planogram software. Basic means no advanced retail analytics, no planogram automation, and no database integration.
  • Customer Service Experience – Customer service for retailers using a free app is a tossup. Response time can be long, and the depth of assistance can be disappointing with free planogram software. The customer service team is likely more concerned with you buying the full version of the software than they are actually guiding you through the system. For new users, poor customer service becomes an obstacle to effectively using the software.


Invest in Scorpion Planogram to Better Your Business 

Instead of spending your time on a free planogram app that will not meet your needs, invest in Scorpion Planogram. Scorpion offers an all-in-one software which retailers can use for all their store needs. Our platform enables you to execute assortment planning, planogramming, rendering 3D designs, and store planning.

Scorpion software is secure with cloud-based file sharing and locally installed software. You can also easily contact us to set up a live demo of our product or ask specific questions about your software needs. Get straight to improving your business with Scorpion Planogram and avoid the free planogram software.