What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit from Plan O Grams?

What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit from Plan O Grams? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Plan o grams can maximize the layout of a store. Yet, many brick-and-mortar stores do not have a planogram software to take advantage of this crucial business operation. Several types of businesses can benefit from a quality planogram software to improve their sales and the customer experience. Here are just a few ways that planograms can work with different businesses to boost their success.


Businesses That Use Refrigerator Displays

Refrigerated displays have the same retail potential as a store’s normal shelves. Businesses that have refrigerated displays should designate plan o grams for those refrigerators to find the best layout for products. A well-organized refrigerator display can expedite browsing times and allow customers to see everything without having to keep opening the fridge.

Scorpion Planogram software gives businesses the chance to see the customer’s perspective with 3D views of the planogram, which informs placement decisions with the consumer in mind.



Pharmacies can use plan o grams to track what their customers are shopping for and layout the store accordingly. These businesses serve the community around them, and those communities have different buying trends. Planogram software allows pharmacies to analyze the data they gather on their customer’s habits and use that data to develop options for store layouts. Pharmacies can choose a layout that serves their communities in the best and easiest way.



E-commerce warehouses are not the first place you would think to use a planogram, but warehouse planograms can greatly benefit those operating an online business. Planograms can improve inventory organization, speeding up order fulfillment. Additionally, as product offerings change or grow, planograms can help you visualize the ways to set up the warehouse and respond to consumer trends quickly.


Convenience Stores

Most people going to convenience stores are there for quick purchases. Plan o grams for convenience stores optimize the minutes a person spends shopping to streamline the shopping experience. Scorpion planogram software helps simplify category management to make the most of the limited shelf space in convenience stores. Category insights can help anticipate what buyers are looking for and plan your displays accordingly.



Supermarket planograms are essential to the physical layout of grocery stores. With expanding product offerings and the need for different displays, a planogram software like Scorpion’s has all the necessary functions. 3D planogram design allows merchandisers to virtually enter the store and see the planograms in place. Another advantage to planograms is the ability to plan retail floor layouts well ahead of their implementation to ensure every display is where it needs to be.


Clothing Boutiques 

When it comes to clothing boutique planograms, data is the driving factor. Scorpion planogram software allows retailers to collect and analyze data on the merchandise to inform decisions about the store layout. Scorpion bundles all the functions a clothing boutique needs like retail floor planners and an interactive viewer to assess planogram options which will increase sales.


Scorpion’s Versatile Software

An effective planogram software benefits most businesses you can think of. Adapting to customer needs and optimizing product placements are shared goals that lead to improved customer experiences and, in turn, sales. Consider Scorpion software to better your operations.