How To Gain Planogram Experience with a Planogram Software

How To Gain Planogram Experience with a Planogram Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Small businesses looking to invest in a store planning software do not need any former planogram experience to make the most of the software. Scorpion software is user-friendly and cost-effective. This makes our products great for first-time users or for businesses on a budget. If you have ever been hesitant to try a planogram software, this post will help you understand how Scorpion’s planogram software can benefit your business. We’ll acquaint you with the skills you’ll need to succeed.


Getting Started Without Any Previous Planogram Experience

Planograms are an essential resource for any brick-and-mortar stores, so many businesses seek to implement planograms to optimize their space. Bigger businesses with more money to spend tend to hire a designated reset merchandiser who specializes in creating planograms and transitioning stores according to the plans. Smaller businesses might not have the same budget allowances to hire a new employee, so they often turn to a software option.

Scorpion software has all the features you need from a planogram software in one program. Here’s a highlight of some of the capabilities of our software:

  • Assortment planning: Assortment planning allows businesses to gauge which products perform well in the store. This way, small businesses can save money and stock the products that sell well. Once you have an idea of what you want to stock, the planogram can begin to take form.
  • Planogramming: Planograms let businesses visualize how best to layout their stores to optimize product placement. Smaller stores with limited space greatly benefit from planograms to smartly stock the shelves.
  • 3D rendering: 3D renderings bring your planograms alive and allow you to virtually see the design from the perspective of someone in the store. The added step of seeing the plans from all angles ensures you pick the best design for your store.

Our software handles all the functions of a reset merchandiser, so small businesses can invest in a software instead of investing in a new employee. A strategic store layout is an efficient way to improve sales by simply organizing your products in a different way. You can gain planogram experience with our software and quickly start to see it pay off.


Why Scorpion Works for Planogram Beginners 

Getting started on your next planogram is made easy with Scorpion. Scorpion offers software packages, meaning you can choose the features you need. Customizing your package lets you pay for only what you use, which saves money. Small businesses can start with a more basic package to learn the software before upgrading for more advanced capabilities.

The software itself is easy to navigate with drag-and-drop tools. Moreover, you can also share planogram files over the cloud for collaboration among your team. Over time, businesses can grow their planogram experience and be better able to interpret their data and carefully craft their next planogram. Small businesses, even ones on a tight budget, can benefit from a planogram software. Contact us to schedule a live demo of our products to see how a planogram software can improve your business.