Do You Need Retail Planogram Software in 2021?

Do You Need Retail Planogram Software in 2021? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

As we continue to move into a post-COVID vaccine world, retailers may ask themselves if they truly need retail planogram software. After all, the coronavirus pandemic hit many businesses hard over the last year and a half. The pandemic particularly hurt brick-and mortar-businesses.

May retailers are considering downsizing or looking to cut spending in store management areas. However, even in 2021, retailers still can benefit from using planogram software.


What is a Planogram?

Retailers use planograms to outline a store’s layout merchandising plan. Planograms allow retailers to efficiently maximize every inch of their store. The software’s ability to maximize physical space helps improve the success rate of brick-and-mortar businesses.

Planograms highlight the importance of understanding how much space you have as a retailer. They also help you use your space to sell a product in the best possible way. Whether your retail company needs to improve your store’s footpath or product displays, retail planogram software offers many benefits.


What are the Benefits of Planogram Software?

Retailers need planograms in a post-COVID vaccine world. The software can help retailers re-imagine their stores and adjust to new shopping habits. There are also other reasons why retailers should invest in planograms.

  • Maximize Sales Space – If you are a retailer who rents a space, you may find that budgeting can get difficult. You want to make sure you are utilizing every part of your shop. Do not place your store items on the store shelves without any thought. Strategic arrangement can your space. As a result, retail planogram software consistently boosts store revenue.
  • Customers’ Visual Appeal – Focus your efforts on what every customer wants: speed and convenience. Planograms allow you to arrange your store and shelves in a way that makes sense. They can also enable you to create aesthetically pleasing shelves. If you arrange the shelves by color, or even vertical or horizontal positioning, it can make a huge difference. A quick shopping experience also benefits people who are wary about in-person shopping.

  • Stock Management – Customers should not have to treat shopping like it is a scavenger hunt. Searching for an inevitably unavailable item also discourages repeat business. If you work as a retailer, a planogram can help you guarantee properly merchandised shelves. A well-organized shelf will prevent frequent out-of-stock occurrences. Ultimately, using a planogram guarantees that you can identify vacant spaces and know when your store’s items are shipped or delivered.


Why Use Scorpion One?

Scorpion Planogram offers the only software with one platform to fulfill your space planning needs. The software, Scorpion One, allows users to design planograms, store plans, and visualize their store through a 3D model, all in the same application.

If the coronavirus pandemic hit your business hard, Scorpion One is the ideal retail planogram software. The software’s application inclusivity makes it cost-effective. Rather than purchasing multiple software tools or settling for some of your needs, you can learn to use just one application.