How Can Visual Merchandising in Retail Boost Businesses?

How Can Visual Merchandising in Retail Boost Businesses? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Visual merchandising in retail spaces is a key strategy for businesses to use their store and displays. It allows them to increase sales and interest in their products. If you are considering the investing in visual merchandising and planogram software, there are a few things to know. It is helpful to know how these tools can benefit your business. Below, we’ll cover what visual merchandising is and why it has a positive impact on retail stores.

Retail stores often use visual merchandising in combination with a planogram to inform decisions about inventory and shelving. Scorpion offers a quality planogram software. This allows retail managers and store owners to begin maximizing store space without having any prior experience.


What Is Visual Merchandising? 

Visual merchandising involves designing the physical appearance of a store to highlight featured products and reflect brand identity. The visual aspects of the store include paint color, window displays, and lighting. Some retail businesses may choose to hire a visual merchandiser who specializes in all things design. However, many smaller businesses choose to do the merchandising in-house using software tools.


Benefits of Visual Merchandising in Retail

There are many reasons why visual merchandising in retail can benefit a business. We can boil the broad results of merchandising into three areas: customer experience, sales, and store branding.

  • Improving Shopping Experience: First impressions can make or break the success of a retail store. Visual merchandising aims to understand how a customer interacts with a store to improve their shopping experience. It is no secret that consumers make a fair amount of spontaneous purchases. So, stores can capitalize on those spontaneous buys with engaging displays or well-placed promotions.
  • Increase Sales: A strategic store design can keep shoppers shopping and lead to more sales. Effective store displays can show buyers new products that they may not have been shopping for but are convinced to try. Additionally, placing popular items in a prominent space lets people find what they need. Visual merchandising is worth the investment for the improved sales that result.
  • Strengthen Store Identity: Visual merchandising doesn’t only improve the customer’s experience. It also helps strengthen the store’s brand identity. Visual merchandising allows a retail business to create an atmosphere within their store. Businesses can easily replicate the same displays and promotions across multiple stores to maintain consistency. Shoppers will begin to associate store design with the business, leading to a more memorable experience.


Scorpion Planogram Software Can Help Guide Visual Merchandising Decisions

Visual merchandising in retail is one way for a retail store to boost their sales and customer experience. Businesses can use planogram software to guide the visual merchandising designs and inventory management. Scorpion Planogram combines key space planning functions, like store planning and category management, into one easy-to-use platform.

Scorpion Planogram allows retail businesses to collect data on sales and products to better inform how to layout the store. These insights are invaluable to retail businesses as they continue to grow their operation. With Scorpion, users can view designs in 3D to see the store through a customer’s eyes. Overall, visual merchandising and planograms can benefit any retail businesses looking to maximize their space, offerings, and sales.