How To Optimize Beer and Wine Planograms to Increase Sales

How To Optimize Beer and Wine Planograms to Increase Sales 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Retailers who have not updated their beer and wine planogram layouts might be missing out on the chance to increase their sales. Alcohol sales are up roughly 20% since the onset of the pandemic. More consumers are walking into their local grocery store, convenience store, or liquor stores looking to purchase alcohol. The right store layout or product display could encourage buyers to try a promotional beverage and make their shopping experience more streamlined. Retailers looking to optimize their store layout, design new displays, and gather category insights on their products can do so with Scorpion retail planogram software.


Design Considerations for Beer and Wine Planograms 

The best store layouts result from having an understanding of your customer’s buying habits and knowing the best displays for your products. Beer and wine have unique design considerations which help create a positive buying experience both for people who know what they want and for those who want to browse.

  1. Include a Variety of Display Types: Often, beer and wine offerings require a mix of refrigerator, shelf, and free-standing displays to efficiently yet creatively stock products. Floor displays can be great for larger quantities of alcohol or for special promotions if your space allows. However, convenience stores might only be able to accommodate a smaller refrigerated section for all of their offerings. Scorpion planogram allows you to design many options and compare to find the best solution.
  2. Organize by Brand or Type of Beverage: Category insights can help retailers understand if their buyers look for brand or type. Shoppers will engage with a display depending on the type of shopper they are. Retailers who know their demographic will be better able to organize their alcohol offerings by brand or type of beverage accordingly.
  3. Place Promotions Strategically: Promotions have the opportunity to convince buyers to try a new product with the reward of a sale price or BOGO deal. Retailers should place and advertise promotions in a way that does not interrupt a customer’s buying experience. A planogram can help you visualize areas where promotions could be in your store layout.
  4. View the Planogram Through the Customer’s Eyes: A great way to gauge the potential success of a beer and wine planogram is to view the design through the customer’s eyes. Scorpion allows you to work both in 2D and 3D space to immerse yourself into the design. You can view your displays and fixtures from all angles just as if you were walking through the physical store.

Scorpion Can Help Retailers Implement Beer and Wine Planograms 

Scorpion planogram software is an essential tool for every step of the design and implementation process for new store layouts. Our products are accessible and cost-effective for anyone with or without prior planogram experience. Retailers looking to optimize their beer and wine offerings can start with their store layout and discover the potential to maximize sales with a simple adjustment of their displays. Contact us to get started with your store layout goals.