How a Planogram Software Can Improve Space Optimization

How a Planogram Software Can Improve Space Optimization 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

More than ever, retail stores need to consider their space optimization both to accommodate new shopping expectations brought on by the pandemic and to maximize their sales. Assessing and re-designing your retail space is an essential part of growing a retail business. However, the process can be intensive and overwhelming without the right tools. Scorpion planogram software offers a great solution for retail businesses looking to change up their store layout and better utilize their space. Even with limited resources and little planogram experience, any retail store can benefit from Scorpion’s easy-to-use software.


What Is Space Optimization? 

When retailers optimize their space, they seek to make the best use out of their physical store space by placing displays and products in a strategic way. The end result is an improved customer experience since they can easily navigate the store, which hopefully leads to more sales. Store layout may go unnoticed by the individual customer making their way through a store, but the layout greatly impacts their shopping experience.

Deciding on the best layout depends largely on data and statistics about buying habits and product performance. Retailers may feel in over their head if they do not have much experience with interpreting data and translating the observations into a successful store layout. For that reason, software tools prove to be an excellent resource. Software tools enable retail stores to get the most out of their product displays and store space without having to hire a specialist or spend too much.


Why Scorpion Planogram Enables Space Optimization

Scorpion software is an all-in-one platform that allows you to design, implement, and analyze your retail layouts within one system. Our Retail Floor Planner application lets you build off your planogram designs and see the complete picture of your store to envision what the customer might experience. As you rotate displays or add new offerings, our software allows you to sample different layouts and compare the results to choose the best option.

A key benefit to space optimization is the potential to increase your profits. Floor planning can improve sales in many ways, but here are four main ways. First, the right store layout allocates a certain amount of space proportional to how well items sell so that you do not under- or over-stock items. Second, an efficient store flow will keep shoppers shopping and leave the store with more than they might have initially needed. Third, store layouts will reflect your customers’ habits and needs so that you stock what your unique market is buying and introduce them to tailored recommendations. Finally, any cost saved means your profit margin increases. Scorpion offers professional tools for affordable prices to equip your business with the means for success.

Scorpion software conveniently brings together data and design to make sure your layouts are driven by performance reports. Retail businesses large and small can benefit from a store planning software. Contact us to see how Scorpion can add value to your retail business.