How Apparel Merchandising Software Benefits Retailers

How Apparel Merchandising Software Benefits Retailers 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Exploring apparel merchandising software is the first step retailers should take to successfully making a sale. New business owners might feel overwhelmed if they recently started to sell products in brick-and-mortar stores. But using planograms can help better guarantee your success when selling your apparel.

The key is ensuring that your store fully optimizes your planogram software and all of its features. At the end of the day, investing in software of any kind should only benefit you – especially if you work in apparel merchandising.


What is a Planogram?

Retailers use planograms, or POGs, as diagrams for their store. POG diagrams exhibit how and where retailers should display their merchandise. By using a planogram, a retailer better utilizes every inch of the store. In turn, the planogram can drive up sales when customers have positive shopping experiences. Inversely, investing in a bad planogram software can hurt your sales.


Why Should Retailers Use Apparel Merchandising Software?

When you sell apparel, especially in a brick and mortar store, you need to think ahead. You can never over-plan your store’s layout. In fact, planogram software can take into account factors a person might not consider. Take into account the following reasons why merchandising software could benefit your store:

  • Maximize Space – Planograms can especially help retailers who have limited space. Retailers benefit the most in selling their apparel when they properly utilize every inch of space. Using a planogram, you can better manage your store. You can also use planograms to make sure the customer sees what most appeals to them when they first enter the store.
  • Better Maintain Image – Apparel merchandising software helps retailers sustain a company’s unified image. Companies with multiple store locations should strive for uniformity. In doing so, customers will feel like they can visit a chain without feeling overwhelmed or lost. Oftentimes, a company will create a planogram on the corporate level. Then, the corporate level will distribute the POG instructions to the individual locations.
  • Keep Track of Inventory – Retailers and store managers can have many daily responsibilities. Floor workers can use planograms to monitor how much inventory the store needs of a specific product. These floor workers can then send electronic updates to their store manager or to their supervisor. Keep in mind how product placement affects your store’s inventory needs. If you put a new product at the front of the store, shoppers will intuit that they should buy it. Alternatively, a retailer will likely take longer to sell any items toward the back of the store.


Why Use Scorpion Planogram?

We understand that every retailer has different needs and requirements. That’s why at Scorpion Planogram, our software can serve retail clients of any size. Clients opening their first store and those with major chains should invest in cost-effective, fully functional software.

Our software lets retailers design professional planograms in a short amount of time. If you need apparel merchandising software, our program provides high impact visuals. You can further benefit from our software’s categorical and individual intelligent insights.