Best Tips for Using Visual Merchandising Technologies

Best Tips for Using Visual Merchandising Technologies 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Visual merchandising technologies are the key to brick-and-mortar store success. Every retailer should have an easy experience using visual merchandising technologies. In most cases, this comes in the form of a planogram software. Merchandising technology, like what you’ll find with Scorpion planogram, provides intuitive support for businesses of all sizes.

Planogram technology should help businesses earn money, not lose it. If you are buying new planogram software, make sure to know how best to utilize it to address your visual merchandising concerns.


What are Planograms in Visual Merchandising?

Planograms enable retailers to better visualize their retail space through sketches. The software helps business owners and store managers set up a store in a way that is conducive to workers and customers. The software also provides a blueprint for a business’s visual merchandising.


How to Use a Planogram

The best planograms are the ones with a great amount of detail. As a retailer, you should strive for creating robust planograms. These planograms will not only help you in planning your store layout. Thorough planograms will also provide you with better organizational ideas for all of your product displays. To guarantee you have the best visual merchandising technologies, consider following these tips:

  • Hire a Planogrammer The retail industry hires people under the title, “planogrammer.” The United States’ national average salary for these workers is $51,500 per year. This can be out of reach for many businesses looking for help. If you are responsible for a small business, you can go about hiring in a different way. Hire someone to work as a visual merchandiser. These individuals will work directly with your planogram tools to understand how best to arrange your store to make it visually appealing.
  • Consult with Planogram Experts – Most companies don’t need to hire a planogram expert for an internal position. Consider speaking with third-party experts about visual merchandising technologies. You might find that their expertise helps you to produce a stronger, more detailed planogram.
  • Comply with the Planogram – A well-designed planogram will not feel like a burden. Instead, it will help you make sure you are not wasting space in your store. The workers in your store should keep track of inventory with ease. You also want customers to find an item without getting frustrated or overwhelmed. Complying with your planogram sketches will help to guarantee both retail goals.
  • Do Not Avoid Resets – Workers in a store may get comfortable with an established planogram. But the purpose of a planogram is knowing when you need to fix something in the store’s visual layout. A planogram reset means that you, the retailer, implemented a new planogram.


How Does Scorpion One Help with Space Planning?

Our software houses all of your space planning needs on one platform. Retailers can design store plans, planograms, and view their 3D store plans by using the same tool. Keeping the tools connected in one application will let you design your store space with greater ease. By using our visual merchandising technologies, you can also automatically synchronize all your sales data.