Why Use Planograms as Visual Merchandising Software

Why Use Planograms as Visual Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Since shopping habits and expectations evolve over time, retail owners must embrace visual merchandising software. By using a software, brick-and-mortar businesses can still compete with the growing popularity of digitization and e-commerce. More specifically, the coronavirus pandemic has altered our shopping behaviors at a very basic level, and retailers are looking for ways to keep up. Businesses must enhance each shopper’s personal experience while also building their brand and reliability.


What is Visual Software for Merchandising?

As a retailer, finding the best merchandising software helps you strategize every aspect of your store. The strategy is particularly useful for physical stores. It helps foster an engaging shopping experience for customers who would otherwise shop online from home. When you use software to visually merchandise your products, you will create eye-catching displays. Each display will also serve a specific function and bring in more customers.

Ultimately, visual merchandising software should encourage customers to purchase more than what they came looking for in your store. By doing so, the software will help to increase your store’s overall sales. Now that more people are walking into stores again, the timing is ideal to invest in or update merchandising software.


Benefits of Visual Merchandising Programs

There are certain key elements when it comes to visual merchandising. The areas you should consider include: floor layout, lighting, window displays, product arrangements, and color coordination. A software tool should not only help attract customers to your store. It will also help guide your customers through the store and encourage them to return. Once you have established brand reliability, your customers will show you increased loyalty.

Along with building brand loyalty, other ways that your store can benefit from using visual merchandising software include:

  • Avoiding overwhelming displays. You do not want to offer customers too many choices. Selecting from too many options can backfire and confuse your shoppers. One way that businesses improve retail sales is by selecting the best products for their target audience. Another important aspect is, do not display all of your products. You should highlight the products with the greatest appeal.
  • Adopting specific themes. Customers will gain an interest when stores use themes to arrange their products. Your theme should help relate customers to a particular brand. You can focus on the layout, color, or even fonts of products.
  • Exploring marketing strategies. Without effective marketing, your business is unlikely to increase its sales. You will also struggle with gaining brand recognition. Use marketing to explore the meaning behind your brand. Then, make sure you encourage customers to act. Implementing flash sales and customer loyalty discounts can benefit retail sales. It will also potentially encourage more extensive purchases in the future.


Scorpion Planogram for Visual Merchandising Software

Our planogram software helps our clients implement visual merchandising techniques. Users can view their product insights while designing their business’s planogram. We also include a tool that recommends the best product placements and assortments. The software is intuitive and cost-effective as you strategize your store’s layout.