A Guide to Navigating Retail Merchandising Software

A Guide to Navigating Retail Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

The growth of retail merchandising software and the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic have caused the retail industry to evolve. Retail owners must also evolve if they want to see lasting efficiency in their stores. As individuals continue to improve the software, it becomes even more useful to retail teams on a global scale. Take stock of whether your company currently uses any type of retail management software. If you do not, we have broken down how to use it to better streamline most retail processes.


What Types of Merchandising Software Exist?

Retailers will need to use several different forms of software for their merchandising purposes. These will include retail execution software, eCommerce tools, payment processing software, inventory control software, and planogram software. For the sake of your store’s functionality, make sure you square away your planogram software early. In order to use that form of retail merchandising software most effectively, consider these steps:

Identify the needs of your store. Each store has unique needs and planograms can reflect these needs. Take a moment to consider where you need work. Does your store prioritize its best-selling and most sought-after products? Do you know when you need to restock items? Make sure that your employees and floor manager are well-equipped. Providing them all with store planograms can minimize time wasted each day.

Pinpoint what your customers want. Retail owners can better identify consumer wants, needs, and expectations than ever before. Apply all your customer insights into your business’s planning and merchandising. By using retail merchandising software, brick and mortar businesses can continue to thrive. Your store should offer its customers a consistent experience. It means, you should present seamless shelves with readily available products across any number of store locations.

Regularly re-evaluate your store’s planogram. As a retail owner, you should want to know all levels of your business. Utilize your software so that you know what is happening on the ground floor. Floor managers and employees can take photos using a merchandising software. Instruct them to photograph shelves, storefronts, promotional materials, and displays. After the software categorizes it, yourself or a manager can analyze the photos. From these photos, you can draw up new planogram ideas and fill in any gaps.


How to Use Scorpion Planogram Software

Our planogram software provides our clients with spectacular planogram visuals. However, our software also aims to go a step further. Our integrated analysis tool helps our clients view their product insights as they design their planograms. The tool also advises clients on their product placements and assortments.

We have made sure to set apart our retail merchandising software. Our application Scorpion One houses our store planning and professional range optimization in one application. As a result, we have streamlined the learning curve for our clients. You can design shelves, place planograms in your floor design, and conduct a range review in one software application. The easy-to-use software will save your company time and prove to be cost-efficient.