Online Planogram Software: An Entrance Point, But Not for Long-Term Use

Online Planogram Software: An Entrance Point, But Not for Long-Term Use 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

New and small retailers often turn to online planogram software to meet visual merchandising needs. But while these online software tools are free, users end up paying in other ways: data security, convenience, and consistency. If you’re a new retailer looking for an effective planogram software, an online option can teach you the ropes – but Scorpion Planogram can yield results.


The Limits of Online Planogram Software

Free and online planogram tools can be extremely helpful, especially for new and budget-minded businesses. With little discretionary funds available, free planogramming provides retailers with a great education in planogram design and implementation. But, as with all free tools, this software has limitations.

First, online planogram software is never as comprehensive as it should be. Most providers draw retailers in with the promise of a free program. Then, the prospective user discovers that the free version of the product is extremely limited. In most cases, these tools only allow for basic space optimization design and printing. For most retailers, this is enough to grasp the concept of planograming, but not enough to reap any benefits.

Additionally, most online planogram tools allow for only a set limit of planogram templates. This might be sufficient for convenience and grocery stores. Unfortunately, this won’t work for specialty and independent boutiques. While retailers can try to shoehorn their product categories into one of these free software tools, they are rarely a one-size-fits-all solution.

Finally, online software tools lack to consistency most retailers need. Relying on a free tool puts the power in the hands of the provider. At any point, they can institute a pay structure, forcing the user into paying for a product out of convenience. Additionally, you might not have the opportunity to save ongoing projects. This can be difficult for retailers who design planograms in stages rather than all at once.


Choose Scorpion Planogram for Your Visual Merchandising Needs

Scorpion is an affordable and professional planogram tool. Our practical software packages ensure that even the most budget-minded business owners get what they want. With our tools, you’ll only pay for the services you need. This means that retailers of all sizes can leverage Scorpion retail planogram to meet their needs – regardless of how much, or little, they can spend on a software.

While Scorpion Planogram is more expensive than free online planogram software tools, most users agree that it’s worth the cost. With a dedicated planogram option, users are guaranteed consistent access to service.

Additionally, folks enter a lot of sensitive information into planogram tools. Unlike an online planogram creator, Scorpion can be installed in-house. This minimizes security risks. Users can store all planogram files, product information, and image data on a local data server for increased control over this sensitive information.

If you’ve used an online planogram, you probably learned a lot about how category management works. Now that you have the basics, graduate to an affordable but comprehensive tool. Choose Scorpion Planogram for all your assortment planning, planogramming, and store planning needs.