New Planogram Software Development Drives Sales, Revenue, and Retail Insights

New Planogram Software Development Drives Sales, Revenue, and Retail Insights 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Planogram software development is essential in the ever-changing world of retail. In recent months, inflation has tightened profit margins. E-commerce and online ordering have created an even larger squeeze on brick-and-mortar shops. Planograms won’t fix all your retailing struggles, but they can help your bottom line.

If you want to invest in a planogram tool, look for a company at the forefront of planogram software improvement. Scorpion Planogram is proud to be one of the leading voices in retail development. Our tools offer features that most planograms do not. If you want the best planogram software available, Scorpion is the clear answer.


New Frontiers in Planogram Software Development

Planogram software has come a long way. Scorpion is on the cutting edge of retail industry analytics. Investing in Scorpion Planogram or Scorpion One will offer users some of the most innovative features in retail assessment.

  • Hotspot Analysis: Hotspot analysis is of the more exciting planogram software developments in recent years. Using spatial analysis and mapping techniques, some planogram tools can detect and identify customer and product clustering in certain areas. Retailers use this to identify additional sales opportunities.
  • Realistic Visuals: Years ago, planograms were designed by hand. Products were often included as labeled boxes or rudimentary visual representations. Now, planogram software can create realistic visuals to help retailers understand their space. Scorpion planogram is the only planogram software that offers users the ability to render 2D designs into a 3D planogram with a single click. This means retailers can experience the space just as a shopper might – all without moving a single product.
  • Sales Analysis Combined with Space Planning: Innovative planogram tools now offer store planning and professional range optimization in a single application. Using sales analysis can further optimize a retail space. This can also allow retailers to stay on top of product needs.
  • Real-Time Sales Reports: Most retailers must wait until the end of the month for sales reports to come in. This means they cannot act immediately on how certain categories or store locations are doing. The optimal planogram tool will provide a real-time customized dashboard to facilitate immediate understanding of how certain products are performing.

In addition to hotspot analysis, realistic visuals, sales-driven space planning, and real-time sales reports Scorpion Planogram is secure, easy to share, and includes automatic data synchronization.


Scorpion is the Leader in Planogram Development and Design

Scorpion Planogram is consistently innovating to bring users the best, most pioneering software tools. Our software meets the needs of retailers in all industries. You might want want data-driven support for organizing products on the shelf. Others might want a better understanding of space optimization, stock optimization, and a product catalogue. Some industries need experienced-backed merchandising principles. Scorpion has the tool you need.

Scorpion leverages powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to fully optimize every section of a retail space. Our tools are affordable and efficient. Even businesses with tiny budgets can squeeze a Scorpion software into their operating costs. Scorpion Planogram can be used as a standalone program or as a fully integrated space planning solution.

Scorpion takes planogram software development seriously. If you’re ready to optimize your business, we’re ready to help.