The Latest Developments in Retail Merchandise Planning Software

The Latest Developments in Retail Merchandise Planning Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Retail merchandise planning software has been a mainstay of retail businesses, but the latest trends are changing how stores implement best practices. To keep your business on top of the new developments, consider retail merchandising software. Retail software automates some of the more tedious aspects of running a retail store so that you can free up valuable resources to spend on necessary layout changes and other store updates. 

As retail trends shift, your business should adapt to remain your shoppers’ go-to store. Quality retail software enables retailers to forecast shopping trends and respond to what your customers want. Keep the following latest advancements in merchandising in mind as you plan your next store upgrade. 

Retail Software Advancements to Keep on Your Radar

Retail merchandising is always evolving with new technology and in response to shopping trends. Retailers can lean on merchandising software to keep up with the trends and maximize your sales. The following advancements cover just some of the new retail topics to follow. 

  1. Robotics and AI: AI and robotics technology are making a name for themselves in the retail sphere by becoming an established part of the shopping experience. We can already see the influence of these advanced forms of technology with the use of in-store shopping robots that can direct customers and prepare store orders. In addition, some stores are testing out technology that allows shoppers to purchase items without having to scan them or check out. Retailers can respond to these new technologies by curating a more visual experience with retail merchandise planning software for their shoppers to get them to try and buy new products.
  2. Push for Unique In-Store Shopping Experiences: Retailers can respond to the growing popularity of in-store shopping by using their software to design captivating merchandising techniques. Strategic merchandising can help you bundle products together in convenient “package deals” for customers and advertise special product promotions.
  3. Using Data to Tailor Your Store: Retailers rely on sales to support their business, and the best way to make sales is to sell what you know your shoppers want. Advancements in data forecasting enable retailers to use their retail software to forecast shopping trends and learn more about their customer base. Retailers can make data-backed purchasing decisions based on the performance of their inventory and the projected demand of their customers.  

Scorpion Retail Merchandise Planning Software Keeps Up with Your Business 

Scorpion retail merchandise planning software helps retailers adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape to maintain strong performance. By embracing change in smart ways, retailers do not have to change everything about their operations to incorporate the best practices of these new advancements. Software is there to support retailers in their daily operations and allow them the flexibility to try new layouts or product placement designs. 

Retailers interested in upgrading their current software or who are looking to be introduced to quality retail software can start with Scorpion. The Scorpion platform is user-friendly and highly effective without a steep learning curve. Embrace the change in retail with powerful merchandising software.