New to Retail Design Software? Start with Scorpion.

New to Retail Design Software? Start with Scorpion. 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Incorporating retail design software into your retail business operations can feel overwhelming without knowing how best to start. Fortunately, Scorpion software works for those who have little to no experience with software. Retail software is a retailer’s best asset when it comes to streamlining essential operations and enhancing a store’s overall flow and appearance. 

Without a proper introduction to software, it is easy to get lost in the terminology and specifics of how software works. However, software does not need to be complicated and is in fact quite simple to use after you learn the basics and try it out for yourself. 

Why Retail Design Software?

Retail software serves as a powerful resource for retailers needing support in their store planning, inventory, and sales tracking functions. Store design is a part of the shopping experience and design software is a creative platform for you to test out new store layouts to see how your products can be best displayed in your store. You might be surprised to learn how big of a difference placing an item in a freestanding display as opposed to a shelf can change that item’s performance. 

Retail design is all about optimizing your inventory and physical store space to provide the best shopping experience for your customers and ultimately increase your sales. Without the use of software, retailers are left making guesses as to how their products are performing and if a better layout exists. Using software, retailers have access to powerful data and functional store planning features that you can use to make your store better.   

Best Uses of Retail Software 

As you begin to explore the features of retail software, you will see what functions your store can benefit from most. However, there are some essential uses of retail design software your business will undoubtedly find useful. 

Real-Time Inventory Reports: Retail software automates one of the most time-consuming parts of running a retail business: taking inventory. Instead of using your time counting your inventory, you can use the saved time to analyze real-time inventory reports that can alert you when stock is low and identify top performers.  

Store Layout and Design: As its name implies, design software is a vital resource in your store’s design and layout. There is proven research into store layout that confirms that a person’s shopping experience is impacted by how the store flows and how the store presents inventory. Retail software makes your store into a blank canvas on which to experiment with new store layouts.   

Category Management: Your store needs to have intuitive categories for your inventory to stay organized. Software can automate the category management process to keep your store efficient and well-stocked. 

Scorpion Retail Software Is There for Beginners 

Scorpion retail design software is the best place to start for retailers new to software. Scorpion’s platform consists of easy drag and drop commands that make the design and inventory features approachable. The all-in-one platform centralizes all the necessary features of a quality retail software tool to simplify the design process. Give Scorpion products a try and see how they can complement your business strategy to improve your business.