Understand the Value of Retail Space Planning Software

Understand the Value of Retail Space Planning Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Retail space planning software is a vital resource to optimize retail floor plans and product sales. Retail stores can gain deep insights about their customers, store performance, and the most important trends for sustained profitability. Especially for new stores and business relocation, a comprehensive review and design process is necessary to get the best result and set up your retail store for long-term success. Every single square foot must earn its space and contribute toward a better customer experience and product merchandising.

Macro Retail Space Planning

Space optimization must occur on both micro and macro levels. Stores provide a finite amount of space with fixed dimensions, but they also provide a nearly endless array of potential configurations. Retail Floor Planner will help design and position all the various merchandising displays, aisles, endcaps, decompression zones, power walls, foot traffic, and point of sales. The core features of our Retail Floor Planner software include the ability to:

  1. Allocate the correct amount of space as part of the store’s category management.
  2. Ensure a logical shopping flow to increase shopper loyalty and customer basket size with a hassle-free experience.
  3. Create localized floor plans and assortments so that stores meet local customers’ demand.

More than initial store planning, this software helps stores respond to seasonal patterns and local trends with better rotational displays and visual merchandising that attracts the shopper through the entire store. It can also be easily integrated with micro space planogram software so that stores can understand how individual shelves and merchandising displays may impact the rest of the floor plan and customer experience.

Retail Planogram Software

The most beautifully laid-out store may still not perform like it should if the shelves, product facings, and retail displays aren’t pulling their weight and optimized for sales. Effective category management depends on reliable measurement and analysis of store sales data. Planogram designs emphasize a core product range, ensure every section of shelf space is filled with the best available products, and create an easily decipherable template for product facings. With 3D planogram software, retail managers can see what customers will see through a virtual rendering of the store environment. Visual merchandising strategies can be previewed, and problems ironed out before the in-store implementation.

Our planogram solutions stand to increase staff productivity and enhance retail brands. From product assortment to 3D visualization to planogram compliance, Scorpion software has the detail-oriented features needed for superior micro space planning.

Retail Space Planning Software from Scorpion

Just because you have some experience in retail doesn’t mean you know everything about leveraging the value of space planning software. Even people with an extensive background in retail or visual merchandising may have something of a learning curve when designing a new space or implementing a new software technology. That’s why in addition to powerful software features hosted on a user-friendly platform, we offer expert consultancy services. Customize our system for what’s unique about your store space and get the full value of our software technologies from the start. Our consultation can also help you implement or overhaul your planogram merchandising process. Retailers and suppliers can get on the same page and stay on the same page with an easy and secure way to communicate planogram designs. Your retail space planning will get easier and better with our planogram software.