Rejuvenate Your Store with New Supermarket Planogram Software

Rejuvenate Your Store with New Supermarket Planogram Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

The supermarket planogram has been a staple of the food sales industry for decades, but today’s market requires more sophisticated visual merchandising, range assortment planning, vertical risers, 3D store design, and planogram compliance than ever before. While many principles are evergreen, new software features are offering deeper customer insights and more efficient planogram systems. It’s not just insight for the sake of insight, nor does this technology deliver only soft returns on the investment. Make more profitable store planning decisions. Increase sales over the long term, and get more out of your retail space.

Many of today’s supermarkets offer more than just groceries and more than just aisles and wall surround. Many offer multiple fresh food and free sample stations, extensive display sections for meats and produce, featured cuisines that offer all manner of hot meals, ready-to-cook dishes, and pre-prepared dinner kits. There is a new demand and a new standard for foodstuffs that are both healthy and convenient. And stores must be ready to cajole and cater to this audience with food displays and visual merchandising that highlights these products and a new kind of customer experience.

How do supermarkets go about accomplishing this? Where do you begin? A great place to start is with more powerful and more useful planogram software that can be tailored for the priorities of the modern supermarket. Here are the specific features of our supermarket planogram software, offering data-driven value for new and sustained retail success.

Supermarket Planogram with 3D Design

More than just the traditional grocery store planogram, today’s supermarket planogram software must combine standard product facings and sales analytics with a higher standard of visual merchandising and whole store planning. A seamless transition between these aisles and more open spaces with featured merchandising displays is also paramount to maintain continuity to the customer experience. You must find a way to prominently place new and exciting best-sellers without unduly interrupting the shopper’s flow and ability to navigate to their favorite products.

  • 3D Planogram Design: One of the most powerful aids you can have to find the right balance and approach for these different areas of the store is 3D planogram design. Our software renders a virtual environment of your store, so that planogram merchandising managers can see exactly what the customer will see and how they will move through the store. This adds convenience and confidence when designing the floor plan and specific retail displays for your supermarket. You can see examples of our planogram design capabilities in the Gallery.

Managing Supply Chains

Every retail store needs to pay constant attention to their supply chains, but there are unique challenges for supermarkets. What happens when there’s a recall—or an accidental surplus? How quickly can your planogram system and store managers reallocate shelf space and identify product displays to minimize the sales loss? How quickly can you then communicate this new planogram design to supply chain managers who can update the latest stock orders and warehouse deliveries? What happens when there’s an emergent brand or unexpected shift in shopper preferences? How good is your current planogram analysis system at detecting the signal from the noise?

  • Category Insights: Our category management and sales insight software offers the type of deep insights into customer behavior and shopping trends that help stores optimize sales over the long-term, while also responding in a faster and more effective way to unexpected changes in the supply chain and available inventory. Better yet, Scorpion software includes the ability to reliably communicate key data points with Suppliers in real-time.

Supermarket Planogram and Floor Planning Software

Even more so than other stores, the supermarket depends on timely updates of the range assortment and periodic redesign of the entire floor plan. Space optimization requires the combination micro-space and macro-space analysis with large datasets that evolve over time. Managing customer dissatisfaction with a recently rearranged store is important but also worth it in terms of the benefit gained. Every shopper will have to look at the aisles and shelves and footpath like it’s the first time. They inevitably see more products than they would have otherwise. They see products they might have missed indefinitely. The store creates new buying opportunities and new food habits.

  • Retail Floor Planner: That said, store managers can’t expect to just move things around with minimal forethought and planning and still see strong results. You need to strategically plan for your next store design. You need the right floor plan, the right timing, and a sense of how long this store setup should last before the next reshuffling.
3D planogram template freezer chest example

3D planogram example of a freezer chest with shelving above the freezer chest. This planogram has small details of the freezer chest and point of sales making it a very realistic looking 3D planogram.

The Scorpion Software Advantage

Supermarket managers and other types of retail businesses are consistently finding value in our software solution. Mike Shaw, visual merchandiser and retail space planner, has this to say about our software. “Since we started to use Scorpion, we are much more efficient and conscious of space planning now that we have this tool to visually place products with accurate dimensions on our fixtures. The ability to look at assets without the need to print has also reduced Point of Sale costs and the ability to flag any needed changes prior to print.”

Discover these advantages for your own store, and take your supermarket sales to the next level with Scorpion Planogram software.