Why Every New Business Should Prioritize Digital Planogram Software

Why Every New Business Should Prioritize Digital Planogram Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

A digital planogram isn’t often the first item on the to-do list for new retailers. Most small businesses are juggling a variety of other responsibilities – getting business licensure, receiving a business tax identification number, staffing up, and gathering merchandise, to name a few. This means in-store organization, at least for smaller, independent businesses, is often thrown together at the last minute, then adjusted later.

Unfortunately, poor store organization, as well as suboptimal category marketing and product integration, can impact your bottom line. As a new or growing business, something like this can be catastrophic. An integrated planogram tool can help get your products in front of your customers, and tracking data can help you design a store whose layout drives sales.

Whether you’re a new business or planning a re-launch of a brick-and-mortar store, investing in planogram software should be at the top of your to-do list. Here’s why this investment is crucial to your first weeks in business.


Digital Planograms Save You Time

Before the advent of planogram software, business owners sat at their desks sketching out approximate measurements for certain shelves, products, and customer movement paths. Then, to ensure these designs worked, they needed to do some heavy lifting – literally. Reorganizing a retail space and merchandise is hard, physical work – work you don’t want to do more than once. A digital planogram will save time and labor. Rather than spending your nights off testing different variations, play around with the design online, test its efficiency within the software, then get moving when you’re sure everything is correct.


You’ll Have a Better Grasp on Your Merchandise

An integrated planogram tool can help users track inventory and sales. This alerts business owners to when certain merchandise is low, allowing them to re-stock or re-organize the store. In general, out-of-stock items are the most visible merchandise to any consumer. An empty shelf can leave the impression that your business is disorganized and not able to keep up with demand. Avoid these pitfalls with a digital planogram. Understanding your audience’s needs can help you take action before out-of-stock merchandise catches the careful eye of a customer.


Optimize Sales with a Well-Planed Layout

Most retailers use point of sale (POS) data to track what is and isn’t selling. Unfortunately, when not attached to a planogram tool, this data can be difficult to analyze. Retailers need to understand how different products work within the store, combining POS data with inventory data and retail space information. This allows business owners to see what products are working where, whether items are selling at all, and where best-selling merchandise should sit inside the store.


Utilize Scorpion Planogram to Drive New Business Sales

The planogram technology from Scorpion uses a modern and intuitive interface to allow users to easily understand their businesses. This is especially important for new businesses who don’t typically have time to waste. Planograms are rendered in 3D, and partners can directly contact Scorpion planogram experts for assistance. Integrate visual merchandising, POS data, and retail layout to drive your sales.