What You Miss Out on When You Use Free Planogram Online Tools

What You Miss Out on When You Use Free Planogram Online Tools 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Planogram online tools are widely available these days. Thousands of businesses utilize free planogram software online. From the perspective of a new business owner, this may appear as an opportunity to  reap the benefits of special organization tools without needing to spend any money.

Unsurprisingly, these free products aren’t as useful as folks might think. If you’re considering utilizing a planogram tool, we recommend staying away from the online planogram tools and software that come with no cost. Instead, invest in a software with integrated tools and robust user support.


What You Get with a Free Planogram Software

We get it: A free planogram online tool sounds like a great idea. In fact, most free tools sound great, especially for newer businesses trying to cut expenses. But, like anything free, these planogram online programs come with a different cost – inaccessibility, limited use, and inefficiency.

  • Inaccessibility – Many free planogram tools limit the user’s ability to interact with the program. After downloading, you may realize that the premium features – those that you need to use – are behind a paywall. Similarly, you may realize that sessions time out after a certain amount of use, or perhaps after testing too many retail designs.
  • Limited Use – Free-to-use planogram tools often limit the number of products you can use in a single design. This might work for some smaller boutiques, but in most cases, limiting organization to 30 or 35 products can impair design ability and quality. Additionally, these tools usually only allow for one planogram design at a time, which can make stores with multiple rooms or floors exceedingly difficult to organize.
  • Inefficiency – Free planogram tools are typically rendered in 2D. This prevents the user from experiencing the design from the customer’s point of view, instead focusing on spatial organization rather than product placement. This might be sufficient for a mid-season re-design, but it is not a reliable solution for long-term use.


Improve Your Business with Scorpion Planogram

Most businesses re-organize their brick-and-mortar stores seasonally, which means there may be little incentive to pay for a planogram service. But a good planogram tool is good for more than spatial organization. With Scorpion Planogram, users can combine store planning, assortment, and range planning in one platform. This optimizes range, merchandise, and store organization to increase sales and keep items in stock.

Importantly, our tools are easy to use. This makes Scorpion a wonderful option for new business owners and first-time planogram users. The intuitive interface features drag and drop features, as well as click and drag to resize options. Learning a software is half the battle when it comes to retail tools, and Scorpion makes it easy.

We also want our customers to rest assured that Scorpion provides tools at affordable prices. We know that planogram software is a practical purchase, so we keep our prices in line with that need. You’ll only pay for what you want, ensuring that every retailer – regardless of size – can optimize their store. Don’t settle for a free planogram online tool when you can have integrated features and a support team for just a little bit more.