Why Your Business Needs a Planogram Builder

Why Your Business Needs a Planogram Builder 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

As a business owner, you may wonder if you truly need a planogram builder. If you have a new business, you should begin searching for the right planogram builder software. That said, ideal programs will look different for each business. In order to find what works best for your retail company, you should know the reasons why you need a planogram in the first place.


Why Use Planogram Builder Software

In order to effectively use a planogram, you will need to collect sales data. If you try to create a planogram without data, you will waste your time and money. A planogram helps increase sales for retail businesses in a couple of ways. The main way is, it guarantees that the store highlights its most profitable and popular products.

You will highlight these products by giving them the correct allocations and facings. A planogram builder takes the speculation out of a floor manager manually allocating products. Even when a floor manager or employee assigns a product correctly by luck, you risk compromising an entire shelf and category.


How Planograms Affect Store Performance

Businesses use planograms for their visual merchandising efforts. These planograms will influence the layout of the store. Some of the ways planograms affect store performance include:

Space Elastic Demand – Consider how much space or facings you allocate to each product. The facings will significantly affect how well your products sell on the shelves. Therefore, give popular products and profitable ones plenty of space on your shelves. If you allocate correctly, your shelf space will return high profits. Alternatively, failing to properly leverage your products hurts your entire business. You will not only risk devastating your sales. You will also harm your out-of-stock products.

Centralization – As a retailer, you should aim to maintain consistency. A planogram builder lets you dictate your store’s layout and reliability. If you properly implement a planogram, consumers can return to your store and know what to expect. You will develop a highly regarded reputation as a reliable retailer. In turn, consumers will know where to find a specific range. Likewise, if you own a chain store, they will know the product layout in any store that they visit.

Product and Category Performance Measurement – Take close note of your first planogram’s design and implementation period. When you design your next planogram, you should always reference the previous one’s results. Do not fall into the habit of getting comfortable with one planogram. By regularly updating your store’s layout, you can optimize your sales. You can also improve your consumers’ experiences.


Why Use Scorpion Planogram

Without the right tools, you will spend excessive amounts of time and money on your planogram designing process. Our planogram builder can offer a personal and unique approach for each of our clients. When you use Scorpion One, we house all your business’s needs in one platform. You can access your planogram software, store planning software, and your assortment and range planning software together.