The Role of a Planogram Merchandiser in Retail Businesses

The Role of a Planogram Merchandiser in Retail Businesses 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

The planogram merchandiser has become an important specialist for retail businesses to optimize store space and create effective designs. A merchandiser’s primary responsibilities are to create attractive displays and implement planogram designs to increase the customer’s buying experience. Merchandisers use planogram software to plan their designs and provide a layout for the store to construct.

Retail stores can hire a merchandiser for their store to look for ways to improve their space. However, not every retail business has enough room in their finances to hire a dedicated merchandiser for their store. Retail stores looking to install more efficient and attractive store layouts can use planogram software. Scorpion planogram software is easy to use and requires no prior planogram experience, making the software a smart investment.


How a Planogram Software Serves as a Planogram Merchandiser 

Quality planogram software enables retailers to access many of the same functions that a planogram merchandiser would provide. Planogram software centralizes all the steps of the planogram process. The following are some of the key functions of planogram software.

  • Floor Planning: Retail stores can take advantage of customer shopping behaviors to understand how shoppers move through a store and use that knowledge to create a store layout. Planogram software has the store planning tools you need to arrange and stock your shelves virtually then implement the final design in your store.
  • Category Insights: Category insights inform your inventory maintenance and helps you identify top performers. Knowing what does and does not sell can save your business money by only stocking what your customers want. Planogram software aides in the data collection and analysis process to know more about your inventory.
  • 3D Planogram Visualization: Planogram software allows you to view your designs in 3D so that you can visualize your plan through the eyes of a shopper. Sometimes designs work better in 2D than in 3D, so this planogram feature lets you make adjustments before the design is final.


Scorpion Planogram Software Is a Smart Investment for Retailers 

Planogram software gives retail businesses the same planogram outcomes without having to hire a planogram merchandiser. Scorpion products have many great features, which make the software a cost-efficient and powerful resource for all kinds of retail stores. You do not have to experience a large learning curve with Scorpion products. This means you can get started with your planogram design process right away without having to be an expert. No matter how big your retail business, you can benefit from quality planogram software.

With Scorpion planogram software, you can easily collaborate with your team on the planogram design with the cloud-based sharing system. You can rely on Scorpion safety features to protect your planogram files and keep all information within the software. Scorpion planogram gives you access to impactful visual tools so that you can maximize your space and increase profits. The all-in-one software platform gives retailers a dynamic resource to improve their space. You can contact the Scorpion team with any questions you have about how a planogram software can work for your retail business.