Visual Merchandising Display Software Should Include Design and Performance

Visual Merchandising Display Software Should Include Design and Performance 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

No visual merchandising display can do it all. You need a rotation of fresh displays that fit the season, that tell a story, that seek out the customers who are bound to love your store. So, how do you decide on this rotation and display schedule? You need the tools to design great merchandising displays, and you need the tools to measure the performance of your displays. Scorpion Planogram software can give you these tools.

Visual Merchandising Display with 3D Design

Planogram templates for stocking and facing shelves are one aspect of visual merchandising, but when it comes to front-end merchandising displays, more sophisticated design software is required. More and more, 3D planogram software and interactive viewing tools are a must-have resource for retail suppliers. This software renders a virtual environment in which to see and experience your store. You can see how different lighting fixtures and natural lighting effects will impact the look of the displays. You can see how visual merchandising displays are going to look from different heights and angles. You can also see how planograms and displays would look in different places around the store.

Our type of planogram software is perfect for sales presentations, brand packaging, point-of-sale ideas, and free-standing display units. Looking for inspiration? Check out our planogram examples and templates in our gallery.

Merchandising Display Performance and Retail Floor Planning

You may have a good feeling about your visual merchandising displays, but how do you measure their effectiveness? Advanced floor plan and sales reports can point to profitable changes you can make to retail floor plans and individual planograms. Our dynamic range planner is customized for the size of individual stores to better determine the number and placement of your merchandising displays. Along with knowing what products should be in your assortment, this software offers insights into how many facings and stackings you should have when accounting for product price elasticity. You can also evaluate how these displays are affecting the sales performance of nearby shelves and areas of the stores.

With our Category Insights, retailers, suppliers, and everybody in between will have the kind of information they need to take actionable steps to improve the performance and profitability of the retail space:

Floor Plan Example

  • Gap analysis: Find actionable gaps in your assortment and increase sales by meeting customer demand.
  • Assortment lists: Visualize the assortment supplied to each store or customer.
  • Cross planogram analysis: Compare product performances between stores and identify optimum store planograms.
  • Hotspot analysis: Visualize your product bestsellers and dust collectors.
  • Days of supply analysis: Manage days of supply and inventory by adjusting stocks on sales data.

The best data metrics and 3D planogram technology won’t help your company over the long run if it doesn’t allow for reliable communications, while also protect your retail merchandising strategy and other proprietary information. With IT Specifics from Scorpion, you’ll know that your software was developed to make data management, infrastructure and security easy and efficient. At the same time, this security won’t interfere with reliable, real-time communication. Retailers and suppliers will know exactly where they stand and where they need to go from here based on the latest sales data and planogram designs.

Scorpion Visual Merchandising Planograms

Our visual merchandising software tools can help you build a visual merchandising display strategy from scratch or upgrade your current displays and floor plans. Looking for a more comprehensive solution? Scorpion One offers easy access to all of our planogram, store planning, and product assortment features. Need even more assistance? Including planogram creation, store plan creation, range reviews, and product photography, you can take advantage of our space planning consultancy services as part of your Scorpion software solution.