Overhaul Your Category Management Strategy with Software-Based Insights

Overhaul Your Category Management Strategy with Software-Based Insights 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Your category management can only be as good as the data given to managers, buyers, and merchandisers. Simply paying attention to category sales and striving toward smarter product sourcing isn’t enough to generate success. Look, it’s no secret that you need to take a strategic approach to procurement. Businesses have been doing this, in one form or another, pretty much forever. What’s different about today’s most successful companies is the combination of experienced managers informed with data insights that are driven by powerful software programs.

Scorpion Planogram offers category management software features with advanced analysis and data reporting. Get the information your company needs to finally overhaul its procurement strategy. Provide the resources your inventory and merchandising teams have been asking for. Discover software-based insights with Scorpion.

Why is Category Management Important?

While one-time negotiations between retailers and suppliers can create better product sourcing and placement, category management must also allow for continuous feedback from sales reports to optimize your retail space and sales. Businesses need to ensure they consistently stock core products that are directly tied to the company’s brand and marketing strategy, while also looking for seasonal and trending items that can further boost their sales. Retailers and suppliers need each other.

Including office management, transportation, entertainment, healthcare, and manufacturing, companies in nearly every sector of the economy must look for ways to improve their inventory management and to reduce their procurement costs. That said, retailers typically depend on advanced product categorization more than most other businesses. Most retailers have categories within categories. Grocery stores have multiple planograms for condiments, several shelves devoted to BBQ sauce, and a few different facings and stackings for specific brands and products. Clothing stores have categories based on gender, age, season, item, style, brand, etc.

As such, the choices for procuring, organizing, and displaying the store’s products are virtually endless—not to mention designing, or redesigning, the store layout and floor plan. You need planogram software that can simplify the decision-making process.

Here is what Jacob Francis Retail Convenience Manager from the Kay Group had to say, “Being in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, planograms are an important part of our business. Scorpion planogram’s functionality, user friendliness and conciseness makes planogramming so easy for us.”

Category Management Software from Scorpion

Our planogram software design, display, and automation features may initially attract retailers and suppliers looking for visual merchandising technologies. At the same time, Category Insights is another big reason why our software is so popular. Consider bringing the following features to your organization:

  • The Space vs Sales Analysis can underline your space allocation decisions for certain products and categories based on their sales data and available shelf space.
  • Visualize the assortment supplied to each store or customer with Assortment Lists. View your bestsellers and your dust collectors. Find actionable gaps in your assortment and increase sales.
  • The Power Rank function compares your products’ performance and offers insights into your optimum assortment. This includes calculating the optimum amount of product facings by bay or fixture.
  • Compare product performances between stores and identify optimum store planograms with our Cross-Planogram analysis.

Get Scorpion One Software

For most businesses, category management isn’t an isolated task. It’s deeply entwined with your visual merchandising, range planning, floor planning, and overall marketing strategy. Design planograms, create store plans, optimize your range, and view your 3D store planning all in the same tool. Plus, your sales data is automatically synchronized across each application. Don’t wait any longer to bring our industry-leading solution to your business. Scorpion One is the only software on the market that offers a single platform for all your space planning activities.